Monday, 1 August 2011

Job hunting is not my favourite pastime

So, I'm aware this is my third post in as many days, which means I'm currently trailblazing this blogging shizzle like a jet-propelled cowboy!

I guess I've just made that all sound quite exciting, haven't I? In reality, all I'm doing right now is trying to resist the allure of one more round of toast topped with lashings of cold, supermarket own brand strawberry jam.

I was supposed to be going to a gig tonight but I've got a scuffed up, gland-bloated throat right now, so a night in is probably a good idea. I've also have the fairly pressing concern of finding a new job to contend with, which is keeping me rather occupied.

Admittedly, I don't have to worry too much about not having an income. My comms job in Edinburgh pays good and it's not going anywhere. But, if I wish to be reunited with my estranged wife for more than the fleeting weekends we're getting at the moment then a new source of employment is a must.

Quite frankly, job hunting for jobs in another country is a major inconveniece. Particularly in communications. The best jobs are freelance and that means needing to be available ASAP. Which I'm not. For permanent jobs, agencies want to see you first, to do some form of aesthetic inspection of your ability to work - something that's a bit problematic when you're 400 miles away. And even when they do put you forward for a role, it's not a role you actually want (I recently walked out of an interview after 20 mins because it was definitely not pitched for someone with no online technical skills like me!!).

Anyway, I'm currently at a standstill. I need a job. But I have a job. And to find a job I will need to leave my current job. But to do that I need money, which - of course - my current job provides. Something, somewhere, has got to give. So do I chance it? Do I quit my current vocation and take the gamble, risking being impoverished? Or do I hold out in the hope something comes up?

Right now the answer is: I really don't know. But, I do need to know quite fast. After all, my Auld Reekie flat lease is up in 30 days!

As a bit of relief to my head-scratching job conundrum, here're some shots from when Su and I were taking our last walk down the Water of Leith before ending up at Holyrood Park to see the Swans

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tedk said...

I've lived on supermarket own brand for months and it didn't kill me. Even fed it to the kid and she survived. Go to Su. You need each other. Everything else is nothing. You'll find work. You'll just need to be there first. Plus you owe me a drink in London.