Sunday, 31 July 2011

My weekend

Wow. Two blog posts in two days. And not only that, but two original posts that aren't printed elsewhere first. This must be me setting some kind of record.

Anyway, this weekend I've been mainly trying to stave off the boredom that having a wife currently living 500 or so miles away causes. Thankfully, I have two very caring and entertaining friends in Johanna and Debbie who helped me keep a smile on my coupon with a walk up the Water of Leith and lashings of rum and ginger beer.

Today, I attempted to fight off my hangover by going for a trek up Corstorphine Hill. It certainly seemed to work - instead of fighting the gnarling effects of a pulsing headache, I was more concerned about my general lack of fitness when pitifully trying to conquer the hill's not insubstantial slopes.

Now I'm back on the couch, having booked some adhoc flights to Colchester for next weekend, contemplating raiding the freezer for that tub of Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream. I swear, there was a time when I used to have an interesting life. Isn't' it odd how it's now, when I'm at my most boring, that I've decided to blog more frequently and more personally? I guess that says something.


Su said...

Your photography is really good. You keep getting better and better! You must have a good teacher!!

last year's girl said...

Isn't that always the way of it? You only ever have time to write when you're not doing things to write about.

Billy Hamilton said...

You're right. That's eactly how it works Lis. Also, having no deadlines makes me find blogging regularly difficult. I need some form of goal to function properly. It always amazes me that others manage to do it so frequently when they only have themselves to answer for!