Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Almost, but not quite...

We're almost there. After four months and lord knows how much stress, we finally moved all our belongings (well, bar a suitcase worth of clothes) from Auld Reekie to Colchester.

It took three hours of loading a van, eight hours of driving a van and another two hours of unloading a van before our ordeal was over. But, now, it's done. Finito.

My current flat in Edinburgh is barer than the torso of a publicity seeking reality TV star. But there's something reassuringly empty about it. The echoic silence signifies the calm after the storm of the last few weeks.

In one week, I leave my flat. In two weeks and two days, I leave my job. In two weeks and three days, I leave Edinburgh for good. The count is going down...

Photos from moving day*

* Taken on my camera phone because I've had to leave my D700 in Colchester.

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