Sunday, 4 September 2011

Rabbiting on about lists

There's now less than a week before I leave Edinburgh. Tomorrow I begin my final week of working at Royal London. Almost all the key milestones of the Big Move have been struck. Suddenly, my flight to London Stanstead is getting dangerously close.

In the last week or so since I posted here, a lot has happened:
  • I moved out of our flat of almost three years in Roseburn
  • I moved into a flat in Leith with my friend Catriona
  • I befriended a bunny rabbit called Honey
  • I drank whisky (on the rocks, not neat - I'm not that brave yet)
  • I wrote my final Drowned in Scotland article
  • I watched my boss captain a dragonboat down Leith Docks
  • I said my first goodbye.
This week, my pre-departure date itinerary is equally expansive:
  • Have a final pint with fellow scribe/music cynic Nick Mitchell
  • Work on handover notes for my current job
  • Read handover notes for my new job
  • Meet some old work colleagues for lunch
  • Absolutely gut my work desk - a task which will probably include two years worth of cleaning and scrubbing
  • Leave my flat in Leith and say goodbye to Catriona and Honey
  • Move into Johanna's flat in Dalry
  • Take current work colleagues out for leaving night bevvy
  • Meet age-old friends in Calistoga for d-day lunch/wine/cheesecake
  • Get a flight from Edinburgh to London Stanstead
  • Move into my new life
In some ways, writing it down like this makes it look a lot more manageable. But I'm pretty sure I'll be running around like some sort of headless lunatic for the duration of the next six days. As much as I'll be sad to leave Edinburgh, I really cannot wait for this whole episode to be over.

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