Sunday, 15 May 2011

Is 'The Big Move' really so big?

Today, I applied for my first job proper (I’ve applied for others but more out of desperation than actual want) in London as part of ‘The Big Move’.

Considering I’ve spent the past week or so freaking out about having to migrate South in the very near future, this is the most calm and positive I’ve felt about everything.

The fear of having to uproot from all I know has been playing on my mind a lot since Su got a new job in Ipswich. Trying to focus at work has been almost impossible and I’m pretty sure my boss thought I was having some sort of internal micro-breakdown without actually displaying it to the outside world. If so, she’d have been pretty close to the truth.

But a day off, an impressively enduring hangover and a very long and sweaty run seems to have flicked a switch of realisation: This could, in actual fact, be a very good move for me, both personally and for my career. If the right job comes along, then moving to Suffolk may well be the best thing I ever do (apart from, y’know, the getting married thing).

So far, I’m noticing that life is already feeling very different. I have absolutely no knowledge of the South of England - neither the way it works transport-wise or the just where things are (who knew Cambridge was so close to Colchester?)- so I'm having to read a lot of maps to figure out if potential journeys are doable.

And looking for jobs without the security of feels a lot like slipping on a new pair of Converse after wearing my previous pair every day for a year straight i.e. slightly unstable and confident I’m going to trip up at every point.

But, I’m getting there. And once I’m actually ‘there’ I’m fairly confident things will work out, even if I do have to fathom living in a country where bars close at 11pm . So for now, I’ll just try and enjoy everything a city that’s been my home for 11 years has to offer. One thing I know is, I'll definitely miss Auld Reekie.

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