Monday, 6 July 2009

Profile: Holiday Shores

Well, it's been a little while hasn't it? I guess I've been so caught up with the editing melee of Under the Radar that I've overlooked my own little blog . But let's see if we can rectify this discrepancy somewhat..

Of late, I've been listening to the rather delicious ditties of Holiday Shores and thought it was about time I brought them to Spins'n'Needles' rapidly diminishing showcourt.

Drizzled with distorted chords and trashcan percussion, the Floridian quintet's virile sloops initially smack of Strokes-lite nonchalance, sans the incorrigible New York shtick. But underneath such uber-cool posturing lies the sort of wonky-tonk synth-screwing synonymous with Spencer Krug's myriad outfits while a Wilson-like penchant for cloud-bursting pop nuzzles its way into the foreground.

Aye, tracks like Crime Isn't Our Problem and The Days Drag don't hit the heights of Dirty Projectors' tricks-a-plenty gushing, yet so sunblushed are the melodies it's impossible not to fall for their gauzy, evergreen sways. I have to admit I'm loath to laud the band on all cylinders - there's a foreboding air of perishability that draws parallels with doomed blog-idols Black Kids - but the below video, Phones Don't Feud, is a straight up contender for song of the summer. Enjoy.

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