Sunday, 22 February 2009

Things I've learned from.... journalism:

(1) Radiohead is both a sacred sheep and a cash cow

(2) James Brown is not the Godfather of Soul

(3) Palms are crossed with silver; words are not

(4) The NME is universally slated, yet everyone secretly admires it

(5) No one cares about consistency, style or grammar

(6) The Fall are better than you think

(7) Bands are not as clever as journalists make you believe

(8) Journalists are not as clever as words make you believe

(9) Some people do really wear sunglasses indoors

(10) Every good question has been asked before, as has every bad one.


kc said...

Truer words...truer words! :-)

Ally Broon said...

James Brown pretty much IS the Godfather of Soul. I mean, he's the Godfather of Funk more accurately, but if you listen to his pre-funk stuff... it's him and Ray Charles that did most to move post-war R&B into the classic 60s era definition of "soul". Seriously.
4) is kinda true, but all I admire about it is its continuing vast influence DESPITE all its problems. That's kindof admiration I suppose.
5) is not true. I care!
7) and 8) are on the money.
and The Fall might be better than YOU think, but I've known for years (and now we're back to No.8 again) ;)