Saturday, 30 August 2008

The Foundling Wheel - S/T

Sometimes words are just not enough. Sure, the following congregation of sentences may have lips-a-licking and sweat-beads-a-dripping but no amount of verb spouting can convey the euphoric shudder of The Foundling Wheel. A one man wail of screeching banshee sonics, San Francisco-born Ted Koterwas’ debut LP fucks and sucks its way into the skull’s decomposing grey matter; braiding chromatic sheets of singeing electro-bending between frayed laces of gleaming melody. The discordant Slingshot and It’s A Nice Place’s abrasive cliff-drop feel like the fist-clenched blows of cyborg-punk so fuelled by bile-swilling aggression are they. Yet, despite such machine-gunning spasms, it’s a record embedded with brazen pop sensibilities, wafting glutinous synth bubbles over the gorgeous Not What I Meant and the equally magnificent Mixed Mind And Missteps. But these are mere words - nothing can prepare you for the chaos that lies here. For that, you have to experience The Foundling Wheel for yourself.

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