Sunday, 6 April 2008

PREVIEW: The Kills, Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, Tues 15th April

Call her what you will but Kate Moss sure knows how to pick ‘em. Having leeched off Monsieur Doherty’s media jamboree until it scurried away like a rozzer raided crackhouse, she’s quickly clambered onto to the cliff-edged cheekbones of The Kills’ guitarist Jamie Hince. Unsurprisingly, it’s all coincided with the release of Hince and Alison Mosshart’s third long-player Midnight Boom but, rest assured, the Anglo-American ensemble are the antithesis of Moss’ ex-beau’s gum-diseased rapscallions. A phlegm gobbing frontgal with a snarling blues rasp, Mosshart is the embodiment of late 70s DIY Punk – abrasive, antagonising, alluring – and backed by Hince’s minimalist riffs the duo make for an enthralling live proposition that leaves eardrums battered and bloodied. If reports are to be believed, the scene-fucking supermodel has been barred from blurting out her dulcet tones on unsuspecting audiences so you’ll have the added bonus of witnessing her diva-esque strops from the sidelines. Result.

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