Saturday, 12 January 2008

2008 - New Year. New Ethos. Same Shite

Good morning readers - or as Google Analytics affectionately knows you: 'Traffic'

The voice of Spins and Needles is rarely heard 'round these parts, mainly on account of it's founder's inherent lethargy when it comes to regularly updating a blog with anything other than his day-time scribblings. However, much like the mewing of a certain poodle-permed troubadour: 'the times they are a-changin'. Yup that’s right, in keeping with society's relentless obsession with trouser-tinkling aesthetics I shall be attempting to give this scrawny and, lets face it, pitiful excuse of a blog a much needed revamp over the coming weeks.

Now, I'm far from well versed in HTML and it’s unlikely I’ll start pondering our nation's potential economic decline in the face of the looming 'Credit Crunch', but I do intend to develop today’s primarily review/feature driven incarnation into something a bit more comment based, percolated with reviews, features and general tit-bits I've found lurking about that might be of interest to folk. I'm also considering coercing some of my fellow - and very skilled - writer chums into contributing in the vein hope that we can create a ragtag community of Edinburgh music hacks.

Thinking about this has already induced a temple-bulging cranium-ache (although that might have something to do with last night’s red wine fuelled restaurant debacle) and, in all honesty, I will probably revert to type in the proceeding months. But, hey, it's the start of a new year and it's good to venture into pastures new - plus I’ve got myself a staff job on a rather cracking music website and I'm not too sure I can pilfer reviews and features now my palms are being crossed with silver in exchange for a few structured verbosities on music. However, fear not, I’m going to begin uploading transcripts of interviews past and present (starting with the immaculately bearded and rather lovely Broken Records next week) so that should make Spins and Needles a little bit more exciting shouldn't it? Oh, it won't ? Ah...I'll get my coat.

*Photo courtesy of Su Anderson of the Gwinnet Daily Post

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Nick said...

I look forward to reading more of your structured and not-so-structured verbosities in weeks to come!